Training pānui – August 2021

Welcome to FinCap’s training pānui for August 2021. We want to keep you well informed by
sharing resources and training opportunities. We welcome contributions to this newsletter
including information you would like to share and good news stories.

COVID-19 guidance for services

Now we’re in Alert Level 4, we want to remind you about our guidance for financial
mentoring services on operating in the different alert levels in Te Papa Hou.
You’ll likely need to work from home and arrange to meet with your clients online until it’s
safe to return to your offices.

If your service can’t operate remotely, let us know so our MoneyTalks helpline team can
make sure they aren’t referring anyone to you.

If the national lockdown continues further than this initial period, we’ll share an invite to
attend a regional Zoom hui so we can stay connected

We’ve also published an open letter to a range of organisations on our website.

This letter thanks them for the work they are already doing as well as requesting they keep
us all connected and help stop debt spirals emerging this lockdown.

FMIC programmes

We are currently working towards the completion of those FMIC programmes already in
progress. This may include further learning via Zoom and/or distance learning.

Distance learning

As we navigate the possibility of an extended lockdown, there will be provision of distance
learning over this period. Priority will be given to those having already started a face-to-face
programmes and those new staff employed in paid roles only, over lockdown.
This will directly relate to the capacity and availability of distance learning tutors. Please
contact training programme advisor Nige Cox should your staff meet this

Upcoming training

The Events Calendar hosts information on upcoming training events. The calendar can be
found at on Te Papa Hou Events page.

If you have new staff requiring introductory training (FMIC), please contact training
programme adviser Nige Cox at

Please note that because of our current Alert Level 4 lockdown some dates may change.

What’s new

FMIC pilot

We have been working on delivery methods for both face-to-face and distance learning
programmes for our Financial Mentor Introductory Course (FMIC) to better accommodate
the sector.

We recently concluded a review of the FMIC with a focus on Te Ao Māori, Pasifika and
Youth. The updated version will be piloted using both Zoom and face-to-face mediums.
There will be a two hour Zoom session prior to the course start to orientate participants to
the tools being used through Zoom, as well as to meet and greet.

The course delivery will include four days Zoom and three days face-to-face content. The
face-to-face content will focus on the technical skills required within the financial mentor role
and will require venue support from the sector.

There will be two pilots this year, one in Wellington and one in Auckland. If your staff are
attending one of these pilots, please ensure each person has access to a reliable laptop or
personal computer along with reliable internet access.

We plan to roll this new model out from February 2022.

Distance learning for financial mentors

Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of many FMIC programmes we have experienced a
surge in distance learners. We’re still working through some participants from last year and it
is likely that if you ask for this method of learning for your new financial mentor, that they
may have to wait for a space to become available.

You can assist by:

  • checking Te Papa Hou for scheduled face-to-face programmes and hire/align your
    new staff to coincide with those dates, allowing for induction and the opportunity to
    observe existing financial mentors in the role.

If you have a staff member completing distance learning please:

  • intermittingly check your trainees progress with them and their supervisor and offer
    support where necessary to keep them on track
  • ensure the support offered allows them to complete the programme within six months
    where possible allocate time within their role to complete modules.

Recently, we had great difficulty tracking down six trainees attending the FMIC distance
learning. After some investigation it transpired they had left their service. Neither the tutor or
the training team had been informed by the trainee or the service.

This is not only frustrating for the tutors and the training team, but also holds a space for that
person while often, others are waiting to access distance learning. Please let us know as
soon as possible if your trainee has or is going to withdraw from the programme or leave
your service. Your support is greatly appreciated.

MoneyMates Facilitator Programmes training

After receiving funding to deliver three MoneyMates Facilitator Programmes over this
financial year, and working through a considerable waitlist, programmes were scheduled and
filled in both Auckland (August) and Wellington (October).

Unfortunately we have now postponed the August programme because of the COVID-19
lockdown and now aim to reschedule this in November.

The third programme scheduled for May 2022 is also clearing some of those from the waitlist
and if positions are available these will be advertised in the training pānui next year. Please
do not request this training at this time, as your staff will only be placed on a further waitlist.

Reminder about Community Heart

When your new staff member is added to our database to start a FMIC programme (whether
it is face-to-face or distance learning), they are automatically connected to Community Heart.
This means they will have access to the online modules, and this may give them some
learning options prior to their FMIC start date. This complements their training and is not the
FMIC programme itself.

Managers may want to check that they do have access, the week following the submission
of their application forms and pre-tests for the FMIC.

Reminder about changes in your team

We would appreciate it if managers could let us know when someone leaves your service –
this way we can keep our database up to date.

Changes to laws about credit contracts training

There are important credit law changes coming into effect on 1 October 2021 that you need
to be aware of if you help people struggling with debt.

Be informed about new regulations governing affordability and suitability assessments.
Lenders will be required to keep records about those assessments and make them available
to borrowers or their representatives. Learn about new rules governing all aspects of lending
from advertising to debt collection. 

Save the Date

Workshop session (will be recorded)

Three hours learning about the changes and understanding how they impact you

  • Wellington Monday 20 September
  • Auckland Wednesday 22 September
  • Christchurch Friday 24 September

Online Focused Sessions on key topics such as affordability assessments and new
disclosure rules for debt collection

A follow-up series of Zoom workshops held over the week. Multiple sessions on different
days and times provides flexibility for attendees

  • 4 – 8 October

Commerce Commission are delivering these trainings and will be in touch very soon with
more details about the workshop times and venues and how to register your attendance. In
the meantime, if you have any questions please contact them at