Training newsletter October 2020

Download a PDF of the Training newsletter here. 


Welcome to FinCap’s training newsletter for October 2020. This newsletter contains all the information you need about our new online training platform. The platform was released on Monday 28 September 2020.


The online training platform

We are pleased to announce the release of our new online platform – Community Heart Online Learning.

Mike Curry from Community Heart developed the platform and we have been trained on how to create programmes for you.

Managers you may like to explore first to see what is available and how it works with your staff professional development plans.



The training platform was created to address the needs around training. It is another way to include learning into continuous development and it will create flexibility for services so all staff can complete one program without the interruption to your clients.



We currently have eight modules that your staff can complete. Some of them are refresher courses, some of them are knowledge based. Each year we hope to have more and more modules on the platform.

  • Culturally sensitive practice
  • Te Whare Tapa Whā
  • Fonofale
  • Models of support
  • Negotiation
  • All about Advocacy
  • Stress Management
  • Consumer remedies



For all people who are in our database you have automatic access to the platform. You click the register button and create a password. FinCap does not keep a record of your individual passwords but you can reset them if you accidently forget them.

Some people on our database have listed the same office email address. This will not work on the Community Heart platform as it could be that you start one of the modules and then someone else, because their email address is the same, answers and finishes the module.

Each person will need an individual email address. If you know that is you, please contact FinCap as soon as possible to change your email address. If you cannot access the platform, then it is probably because you are not listed with us.

There are different levels of access. Managers have an access level where they can see the progress of their teams and can generate reports. Staff have personal access and can track their individual progress.


Professional Development plans

The platform can be used in a variety of ways.

  1. Individual – each Financial Mentor logs on and completes courses that interest them or fits with their learning goals
  2. Peer work – Financial Mentors complete courses at the same time or together and complete the learning journey with each other learning from the course and each other
  3. Team – Managers set up teams to complete the courses and then complete further learning or reflective practice together.



If you have requests for a learning course, please let Nige and Linley know. We need at least six-months’ notice to develop a course. We will consider the requests and then prioritise which ones are developed first.


Other news 


MoneyMates Training

We will soon be running a MoneyMates Facilitation Training in Wellington. If you recall we had some difficulty securing funding for this programme and created a waitlist for those wishing to attend. This equated to 35 people (two programmes).

We have worked through around half of the waitlist and due to the continuing COVID difficulties experienced in Auckland we felt it safer, at the time, to not include those from there on this programme

It has been over a year since this programme was last conducted and we are continuing to encourage the funder to provide for two programmes per year. COVID-19 permitting we are hoping to conduct the next programme in Auckland before July.

There are still people on the waitlist, however, please continue to send your names through knowing it will most likely be in the second half of the year that they will be trained. It is important to let us know in writing that you want someone to be trained so we pre-register you.


CCCCFA Training with Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission is offering webinar presentations on the CCCFA law changes and other topics of interest to the Consumer Advisory sector. There is no cost to attend.

The presentations will focus on practical ways to help advisors and advocates in their roles and provide guidance on recourse.

Topics include:

  • Overview of the credit law changes and regulations
  • The new high cost credit rules and what to look out for
  • Helping clients with problem debt (affordability and suitability)
  • Helping clients in hardship who need contract variations
  • The Commission’s role and how we work the consumer advisory sector

Webinar presentations will be held on:

Thursday 5 November 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Tuesday 17 November 12.30 – 2.30 pm

The events will be held on Teams livestream. An access link will be sent following the RSVP. The only requirements for access are an internet connection.

An invitation for registration will be sent from the Commerce Commission directly to budget services.

A survey will follow to send in questions and issues you would like discussed during the sessions. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions during the presentation.  


Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses were sent out to all those who registered. We have just become aware that some email servers have dumped the emails as the attachments are large

 If you haven’t received your correspondence courses for your staff, please let Linley know. We had 381 people register for the courses and 186 people have completed so far. If you have not sent in your evaluation and registrations forms please send them to Linley by 20 November 2020 and we will issue certificates.


CBNZ Training Day

CBNZ have their training Day at VisionWest on November 4th, 9.00 – 4.00. Cost $55 per person. Please contact Sarah Malin for more information.

Keynote Speaker:  Brook Turner, VisionWest Head of Community Service Development. 

Debt Consolidation – Mark Francis Intercoll. 

Addictions and Clients – Speaker TBC

Supervision – Alyson de Marco and Helen Pulman

Reflections of a Kahukura – Debbie Griffiths

Working with Clients of Small Businesses, impacted by Covid-19 – Claudette Wilson



Huge congratulations to the team at VisionWest who have completed a variety of Correspondence Courses. Go team!

They say:

“The team at VisionWest Budgeting Service want to extend a Big Thank You to FinCap for putting together the correspondence courses. Completing the “On Call Mentoring & All about Advocacy” modules, we’re now working our way through the “Know the way Show the Way” & “In-work Client” modules.

Deb Griffiths: Refreshing teachings to support and enhance our roles

Angelo: Thoroughly enjoyed the training, it’s made me more self-aware and more confident doing advocacy for our clients

Jo: Encouraged to use reflective practices with my peers”