Training newsletter November 2020

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Welcome to FinCap’s last training newsletter for 2020. We have all had a very big year and we hope that you all have a relaxing summer break to re-charge the batteries and spend some well-deserved time with your loved ones not thinking about work.


Financial Mentor Introductory Course (FMIC)

We are currently running five FMICs that will be completed before Christmas. Nige is working through scheduling FMICs for next year. The Events Calendar hosts information on upcoming training events. The calendar can be found at

If you are wanting to pre-register staff for next year, please email Nige so he has numbers and can pre-book Facilitators. You can contact Nige at


Community Heart Online Learning Platform

The Community Heart Online Learning platform was released for use on 28 September 2020. We currently have 859 sector staff registered. We have eight courses up and running and these have been accessed 156 times during October.

It did take some time for things to settle for some and this was mainly because over 90 emails were incorrect with around 20 people having left organisations. It would be great if you could let us know when someone leaves your service so we can keep your service details up to date at our end. In other cases, services had more than one staff member using the same work email address (e.g. which does not allow individual access. Some opted to use their personal email and others created individual work email addresses.

We are still working on providing access for Managers/Coordinators to keep track of what staff are completing. Watch this space.

The system is now set to automatically notify your new staff member immediately they are registered with us to access the online platform. This includes when applications for FMIC are received, which will give them access to the learning platform prior to them starting their FMIC programmes.

If you have Financial Mentors who do not have access it is likely they are not listed on our system and will need to register with us first so we can give them access. Let Nige know.

We plan to add new modules as they are created, and if you have any ideas on suitable additions please let us know. Please be aware that considerable work goes into getting these online so they will take some time. We will let you know when new modules are added.

Please encourage your team to use the platform and to check out free courses from other providers as they appear. It is only a small platform currently, as Mike Curry from Community Heart engages other community organisations. There is huge potential for the platform as it grows.

Happy learning😊


Correspondence Courses 

A big congratulations to all who completed the correspondence courses this year. We still have a considerable amount outstanding from people who have not returned the evaluation form or PD registration form. Please send those through to Linley to process and then we will get certificates out to you. If you or your team decided to not complete the course you are registered for, please let Linley know asap on



We ran a very successful MoneyMates training in Wellington in October. Unfortunately, due to the second lockdown in Auckland, we were not able to invite those Auckland Financial Mentors who were on the waitlist and are planning to run the next programme there in the new year. We have been disappointed not to be able to run more than one programme this year due to COVID but are working on the logistics and funding needs to deliver more next year. If you have staff needing this training, please pre-register so we can anticipate demand and funding accordingly (there is still a considerable waitlist).

Please note: We are unable to hold spaces open for services. Rather you will need to nominate the actual person who will be attending. Please contact Nige or Linley to pre-register. We will let you know when the next programme is running as soon as we have funding confirmation.

The MoneyMates Facilitation Training Group October 2020


Zoom Courses

This year we have provided a number of opportunities and financial support, to attend training via zoom with different facilitators. These courses were very popular and effective. We won’t be providing certificates for the short 1 – 3 hour zoom programmes due to pure volume and the nature of the training. We will however be providing certificates for any programme of one day in length and above.


What’s new


Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission will be holding two webinars on credit related topics of interest on Thursday 5 November, 10am-12pm and Tuesday 17 November, 12:30-2:30pm.

These presentations will provide practical tips for advocates in their roles.

Topics include:

  • changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act
  • the new high cost credit rules and what to look out for
  • responsible lending
  • helping clients in hardship who need contract variations
  • the Commission’s role and providing ongoing support for education and guidance.

If you did not receive an invitation, please email Linley at


Employment Modules with MBIE

Breaches of employment rights lead employees into hardship.

FinCap and Employment New Zealand are producing a series of articles together to help Financial Mentors help their own clients.

Employment New Zealand is part of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Usually financial hardship affects those who are more likely to be in the lower wages bracket, have lost their job or are not being paid properly.  In many of these cases, these vulnerable people may not have an employment agreement or are victims of a non-compliant or bad employer.

COVID-19 has highlighted many breaches of employment legislation and the importance of employees and employers knowing their rights and obligations.

Breaches of employment law may result in compensation (e.g. loss of wages and hurt and humiliation), which can help improve people’s financial hardship.  Financial Mentors can provide valuable support to their clients by hearing of issues or queries and referring them to Employment New Zealand to get information and to discuss their options.

The Employment New Zealand website has a range of learning modules to upskills employees and employers on employment relations issues. We encourage you to explore their resources either in your role as a Financial Mentor or as a coordinator or manager of a service. 

The Employment Learning modules can be found on the following website

For more information: visit the Employment New Zealand website


Toro Mai

A free Massey course is available that you may be interested in.

“A guided journey of learning to deepen your understanding and awareness of Māori knowledge. Toro Mai offers two introductory online courses in Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori. These are taught via an immersive multi-media online platform with interactive activities. They are approximately 10 hours each and can be studied at your own pace. These courses are not accredited – there are no costs involved, no assignments and no exams.”

You can find out about it at:


Season’s greetings

From all the Training Team, have great Christmas and Happy New Year.