Certificate of appreciation

FinCap has designed a Certificate of Appreciation for volunteers and staff for their service to the financial capability and budgeting sector. Please contact Rocky on rocky@fincap.org.nz if you would like a Certificate of Appreciation for a volunteer or staff members.

Financial Services Federation Responsible Lending Resources

The Financial Services Federation (FSF) provides free responsible lending resources for FinCap members. They have the following brochures available for you to order:

  • The Responsible Lending Guidelines
  • The Responsible Credit-Related Insurance Code
  • The Responsible Mobile Shop Code

Each are designed to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to borrowing money, and how a responsible lender should behave towards them.

These Codes are free of charge for FinCap members to use and to give to clients.

Should you wish to order physical copies of these brochures, please email fsf@fsf.org.nz with the number of copies of each brochure you would like, and a postal address.

PDF and electronic versions are also available which you are welcome to use on your websites and other digital channels or social media. They can be viewed on the FSF website: www.fsf.org.nz/Site/consumer-info/


Do not knock stickers

Consumer New Zealand provides “Do Not Knock” stickers for people that do not want to be visited by door to door salespeople.

“Do Not Knock” stickers are going to attain greater legal status under the reforms to consumer credit law proposed by the Government (this will go through Parliament and is likely to become law in 2020).

You can order or print off stickers from the Consumer New Zealand website: https://bit.ly/2PezIfY